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"Michael is a great teacher. He is so engaging and encouraging. It has changed my son from hating times tables to loving them!!! That's priceless! A life long skill has been learnt, and I'm amazed at the simple method which works for all ages."

Discover powerful self esteem building tools

Did you think this Challenge was just about times tables for kids? Think again! These methods I teach build self esteem and confidence in children and adults alike. In fact, I think parents should learn these methods with their children. If you get excited about what you are doing, then this will excite and inspire your kids.


We surveyed some previous Challenge participants and here's some of what they said:

Did The Times Tables Challenge live up to your expectations?

Yes 100% and more!!!! I thought we would be just going over the 1-12 times tables and memorizing them. It was amazing to me and thrilling to my boys to be multiplying in the 90's on day one! It gave my children so much confidence to have mastered such a skill on the first day. They were so excited to show their friends!

Have you or your child put any of the methods into action?

Yes, all of them. Still practising daily.

What did you discover during the Challenge that you were not expecting?