A passion for learning and life

I am a career changer, an accredited tutor,  life coach, father of three and self-confessed life-long learner.


In 2016, I took up the challenge to fill the need in my hometown of Kyabram for a tutoring service to assist local parents and schools help students achieve academic success.


But it quickly became apparent to me that there was a need for more than just a safe place for kids to do their homework.


My heart broke to see students (including my own) struggle in school with non-academic related problems such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence and bullying.

And, after seeing the impact these issues had on a child's overall school performance, health and dreams, I was motivated to help even more.

I became an accredited life coach, and now take a holistic approach to the student experience, incorporating wellness coaching for children, teens and adults into my service.

As the founder of The Hive Mastery of Learning, I accept the responsibility of empowering and developing a generation of mindful, healthy, successful and confident children.


You see, I have my own miracle story to share.

Half way through my final year of primary school I was told that I would amount to nothing. The adult who delivered my prognosis was obviously disappointed in me. I didn't have the tools, she said. I didn't learn fast enough, I didn't retain enough information, and I didn't show the results of her efforts.


I was shattered. And so were my parents.

But, within the space of one short year at high school, something miraculous happened: I rose to be in the top 5 per cent of academic performers for my peer group.

Such was my success with the books, I was chosen in 1989  from many hopefuls to travel overseas as an exchange student. It took me many years to realise, but that year I spent in Sweden with the Holgen family changed my life. It gave me a valuable insight into the mindset of a learning family.

So, I am an example of how quickly the tables can turn for a student if the right pieces fall into place.   


Following a 21-year career in journalism, during which time I scaled the ranks from Cadet to Editor, and now as a 21st Century educator and coach, I know that real learning comes in understanding, practicing, doing, and incorporating the new thinking into our own language.

Then it's about revisiting the thinking over and over until it becomes permanent.

That's where the Science of Learning comes in for me. I was taken by American college professor Barbara Oakley, who created the largest MOOC called Learn How to Learn.

That was the catalyst for me to explore the science of learning, which includes how the brain works.

My approach has resulted in significantly improved student progression rates.


I work with clients of all ages in order to help them discover their full potential while taking on an approach highlighting patience and self-encouragement.


Through my unique and personalised approach, my students are able to develop study habits and effective learning strategies that last.


My greatest joy is watching students succeed and unlock their own potential.


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