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A focus on mastery for lifelong learning

At The Hive Mastery Learning we know that learning is like building a house.

If you start building on shaky foundations, eventually everything will come crashing down.

That's why we teach until our learners understand. We focus on making sure they master the basics of each concept before we move on to new and harder ones.

But, how do we know when it's time to move on?

We use analytics data to measure our learners' engagement and their mastery by topic.

We can see our learners' mastery over time and prove their retention.

One of the downsides of traditional education is the lack of analytics. You may experience it each time you receive your child's report.

Bundura (1993) lists several things educators should attend to as they create an environment conducive to improving self-efficacies.

Learners should experience the following:

  • See themselves gain mastery and make progress,

  • Be aware when they are efficiently thinking;

  • See performance gains;

  • Know ability is treated as an acquirable skill;

  • See competitive social comparison de-emphasized;

  • Be aware that self-comparison of progress is highlighted.

As an educator, I believe that performance goals and achievement scores are for the moment.

I am for educating them for life.

Growing their self efficacies and motivating them to learn are lasting endeavours.

By empowering them, motivating them, we set them on the path to lifelong learning.


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