Programs for students

Prep to Year 12, and beyond

Students come to The Hive with a wide range of abilities.

Whether students write, read or do maths at the below average, average, proficient, or advanced levels, The Hive's step-by-step approach gives all students the means to achieve success and confidence.

A comprehensive writing program

Learning to write well is more important than it has ever been. Writing is the key means students have to demonstrate what they know about a subject.


And while oral language develops naturally, a written code rarely follows this coarse. 


Writing, like reading, must be directly and explicitly taught because when we write, we tap into different language centres than when we speak. 

It is little wonder that writing is the last skill we learn in our literacy journey and that many students never truly master it.

The Hive delivers explicit, sequential and systematic writing instruction for all ages that breaks writing skills into smaller steps.

Some of these steps are:

  • Masterful Sentences;

  • Perfect Paragraphs;

  • Conventions of Standard English;

  • Practicing and Expanding Vocabulary.

Each step is taught and practiced separately and then assembled and practiced together to reach the ultimate objective of composing well-organised and engaging pieces of writing.

Learn maths at your pace

Whether you find maths too challenging, or you're not being challenged enough, our personalised math programs put an end to math frustration.

At The Hive, we’ve created maths learning programs for every age and grade level, from Grade 1 to Year 12, based on the Australian National Curriculum and tailored to your needs. 

We know that everyone learns differently and at his or her own pace, so every program meets his or her exact learning needs.


A custom fit reading solution

Progress is exciting! It builds motivation and engagement — the exact behaviours you want to see in your child ... especially if he/she struggles.

Our Reading program incorporates multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction along with a unique marking system.

The program engages all aspects of student interaction when learning and  provides students with the strategies and skills they need to become confident readers through fun and engaging interactive lessons.


Our software includes three computer-administered assessments to measure students’ overall abilities in foundational reading skills and to monitor progress and gains.


There are three types of assessments used throughout instruction:


1. Phonemic Awareness,


2. Most Common Words, and


3. Spelling/Word Recognition.

At the outset, an initial Reading Library Assessment unlocks Lexile-levelled reading passages in the software that matches a student’s reading level.

The  Lexile measure serves as a benchmark for gauging student progress.


This ensures reading is accessible and engaging for beginning readers, struggling readers, and English Language Learners of all ages.

The software provides each student with differentiated instruction that reinforces the concepts taught in the corresponding direct instruction materials that we deliver.


Students are continually assessed throughout instruction to ensure proficiency.

The assessment is given periodically throughout the course of software instruction to show reading improvement. This provides valuable feedback to help students along on their journey.