Binge-worthy learning

Can learning programs be so addictively good that they're binge-worthy?

A report published by Meridian Knowledge Solutions - "Binge-worthy Learning: How to engage and entertain audiences'' - said, yes, most certainly they can.

Collins English Dictionary named “binge-watch” the word of the year in 2015.

Binge-watching a television series is now the new norm, and it isn’t going anywhere, said the report.

"If the rise of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and a slew of other on-demand video streaming services – coupled with the high quality shows available today – has taught us anything, it’s that consumers want to be in control of where, when and how they consume entertainment, and that entertainment better be addictively good."

It makes sense, then, that we strive to make learning binge-worthy.

A giant leap towards this objective is our HIVElearn platform which offers ongoing, interactive and meaningful learning opportunities aimed at growing skill sets and accelerating careers.

We recognise that learners, young and old, want a learning experience where information is presented in a way that is fun, engaging and easy to retain.

Our aim is do the best job we can of providing rich and interactive learning experiences for our clients.

Individualised, customised ​learning ​plans

We work to gather data about all our students’ strengths and gaps so that we can create customised learning mapped to students’ needs, aspirations, experiences, and skills.

Yes, you may be able to get that in the classroom sometimes, but that’s hard with 25 other students requiring attention.

We love the work teachers do, but sometimes kids may need a little bit more one-on-one time outside of the classroom, and that's where we can help. We can customise the lessons and activities just for the student.

Students allowed to make progress at their own pace

Tutoring allows the student to make progress at his/her own pace. Sure, we test our students to know their progress, but nothing is rushed. Students can review skills and learn new ones at a comfortable pace. 

Different students require different approaches to learning

We work with students on their own tailor-made learning plan and use a variety of teaching tools to best accommodate learning styles, interest and age.

The instructional design of each program is based on the specific needs of each learner, and we devote great attention to strategies that will lead the learner to success.

More practice time can guide students to success

Tutoring provides more time for practice. Just like children put in practice time for their sport, their dance or their music, learning benefits from more practice, as well as guided practice.

If learners are practicing their skills in the wrong way and getting wrong answers, they may become even more frustrated. Practicing together with a tutor can be really beneficial.