Going Virtual in a time of uncertainty

Uncertainty is everywhere. Here in Victoria the Government schools have re-opened - but only for those who can't stay at home.

  The truth is, education, built on face-to-face interaction, is entering an uncertain transition to providing learning remotely.

  And the most vulnerable students are facing social as well as academic losses.

  Some children will easily adapt to e-learning, but others, because of their special needs, may not transition so easily to computer-based instruction.

  While schools are scrambling to invent their delivery of remote education, we at The Hive have been successfully delivering online learning to students for some time now.

That has given us the advantage of testing, measuring and developing strategies to maintain our personal instruction using online tutoring for one-to-one sessions and in small group settings.

Personalised tuition anywhere, anytime

Our online learning platform means lessons can happen from the convenience and comfort of home.

Michael talks with students in real-time with video and collaborative whiteboard. Plus, we record the session so it can be reviewed at any time.

To do online tutoring, you just need a computer. It also would be helpful for you to have earphones if it is noisy around you.

Michael will walk you through the brief set-up process and you will be able to have classes virtually anywhere!


Claim your free introductory session with me by booking a spot today.